About MUD

Mud Collective 

About MUD
MUD:Improvisation and Extended Domains is an arts and culture collective supporting trans-disciplinary communities of artistic practice across conventional and unconventional domains.

MUD exists to empower individuals and communities to improvise and experiment together, and in doing so, produce research, orchestrate events, make work and braid networks of care and support.

Broader Vision
MUD is an evolving collective that exists to aid cultural and ecological systems through experimental, regenerative and empowering projects. We acknowledge the processes and products of our work as an emergent feature of our socio-ecological reality and continually collaborate with individuals and communities of artistic and ecological practice.

MUD seeks to privilege the soft earth, the fragile stuff, messy and interwoven stuff and to delight in them.

Through our care, be admitted to delightful trouble.

“We need languages of both science and poetry to save us from merely stockpiling endless information.”
Ursula K. Le Guin

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