Liminal Commons

Reading Group 02

Facilitated by Constantine Stefanou

Join our monthly reading group on "Liminal Commons" by Angelos Varvarousis, a compelling study of how short-lived commoning projects serve as crucial modern rituals for navigating and instigating societal change in times of crisis.

Happening on the last Sunday of each month.

The reading

Angelos Varvarousis, an activist and urban planner, presents the idea of "liminal commons"—short-term yet vital commoning projects that facilitate individual and societal transitions. Through vivid accounts of grassroots movements in Greece, including occupied squares, self-organized refugee camps, solidarity food structures, and social clinics, the book reveals how these collective rituals symbolise and explore the potential for change. As traditional rites of passage fade, "Liminal Commons" offers a vital perspective on reclaiming control and awareness for collective emancipation in urgent times.

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