This month's guest curator is Thea Martin, who extends their MUD set as an invitation to all.

Straddling the boundaries between workshop and performance, they strive to create a space where everyone's voice is essential and heard through sonic meditations and spacious sound worlds.

The boundaries between audience and the band will be dissolved as together, all explore a series of text scores (musical scores made solely out of language, like cookbook instructions or poetry) that allow for the relationship of audience, to performer, to composer, to space - to be flexible, entwined and open.

Thea will be joined by an exciting group of emerging musicians; Maria Zhdanovich (flute), Clara Gillam Grant (cello), Brandon Bartholomeusz (saxophone), Miles Farnan (percussion) and Sam Wilson (electric bass).

6pm - doors + food!*
7pm - Artist discussion with Thea and co
7:30pm - Thea and band
8:30pm - break! say hello!
9pm-ish+ - open stage, bring your instrument

Ancient World, Adelaide
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