MUD 30


MUD: Improvisation and Extended Domains
hath returned!!

Marking our third anniversary, we delve into the themes of collapse and renewal; commemorating the Pylos Massacre, the crushed submarine billionaires, and the everyday mundanity of living through the fall of western supremacy.

"Parties and feasts are legitimate spaces for knowledge exchange. They are reciprocal spaces for new imaginaries and shared commons. Parties interrupt the binary of the private and public spheres, ritualising and valorising our communities of practice. If we are going to survive the ruinous march of late-stage capitalism we must make-ready the social and cultural relations in which a new society can thrive, and for that to happen, we must have a taste of it first."

The celebration features live-music, performance from Stephen Neville and Lauren Henderson, performance art by Jazmine Deng and cellist David Moran, poetry from Tadgh Porter Cameron, performance from Celina Hage, installations from Seashell Music, Wes The Pants, and producer, Strictface.

Presale $20 - tickets here.
Door $25

Queens Theatre, Adelaide

MUD acknowledges the ongoing illegal colonial project of so-called Australia and all the horrors it carries out here and abroad in the maintenance of Empire. Fuck all forms of Empire; Free Palestine, Sudan, Congo, The Uyghurs, Rohingya... Always was and will be Aboriginal Land.

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