On Listening

Reading Group 01

Facilitated by Thea Martin

For any and all interested in exploring the radical slowness of deep listening and what sound, timbre and resonance can do for our communities.

The readings

  • open-access academia
  • articles
  • interviews and scores from researchers, activists and artists
  • book chapters

Readings will be available both as written text and as audio recordings. We will prepare all the resources to make it as easy as possible, and don't worry about having to read everything!

About Thea

Thea is a violinist, teaching artist, and composer/writer practicing on Kaurna land. Their pedagogy-centred practice is rooted in a commitment to the activation of individual and community agency, to uncover and construct sonic meaning through the processes of multiple creativities. Thea creates sound in the worlds of improvised/experimental music, post-rock, noise-rock and folk bands.

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